The Web Factor Team

If you don’t have time, resources or know how to successfully manage your online activity, website and social media then you should be considering our services.

It’s no longer suffice to dapple in social media and amateur online marketing efforts. It has become a key essential core part of business. It’s not really important to have in depth web knowledge, you just need to know that “The Web Factor”does, and leave it to us.

We are your one-stop shop to create new revenue streams from the web/ develop income via web-based solutions

Claire von Ribbeck

Claire von Ribbeck


When I am asked to describe myself, I usually prefer to consider what other people would say about me. I once overheard a conversation that my mother was having with someone who said “Claire is like a breath of fresh air” to which my mother responded, “She’s more like a whirlwind…”

Laurence Tuck

Laurence Tuck

Web Developer

I am a fun loving, generous individual with TONS of patience! In fact, its something I hear more often than not. As a strategic and logistic executive, my role is to ensure delivery across platforms in a consistent and holistic manner…

Ilze Nel-Marais

Ilze Nel-Marais

Content Creator

Curiosity might have been the sad demise of the cat, but it has been my driving force to continuously expand my knowledge and acquire more skills…

Social Media Team

Social Media team

Our team of Social Media team that help us out when we need them are experts in their fields and are always online.

When managing your social media accounts we ensure that all social content is first checked and signed-off (if you so request) and you can then rely on our guys to make absolutely sure that the correct hash tags are used in line with the online marketing strategy we have written for you.

The advanced mechanisms that we use to post your news ensure the best possible click-through back to your website which is ultimately where we want your fans to go. We will include catchy calls-to-action in the posts and ensure that the artwork is of a high quality for maximum reach and engagement.

Graphic Designers

Social Media team

Our team of designers are skilled to best give a visual voice to your company’s online platforms and ensure ease of use for your visitors.

Studies have shown that most internet users will leave you website quickly if it is not eye-catching, takes too long to load or is difficult to navigate around your site.

Good design is not only about it being aesthetically pleasing, but should also be user-friendly so that your visitors will be able to easily find the information they are looking for and ensure return visits to your site.

Your website and other online platforms’ look and feel must also be in line with your company’s branding to create brand awareness and have design consistency.


Social Media team

We make use of a team of top notch copywriters that are highly skilled in compiling the most relevant copy for your products and services, but also ensure that it is optimized so that your prospective clients will easily find you when searching for your product or services.

Just having a beautiful website is not enough. Quality website content is just as important as having professional looking designed website.

Your copy aids in driving search engines to your site and once the visitor is on your site, will keep them engaged with your content. Remember, you are competing with thousands of other websites written about the same content, so it is key that your copy is relevant and engaging and optimized for search engines.

If new business via the web is an attractive challenge, but you don’t have the experience, time or resources to capitalise on it; we can do it for you; effortlessly, profitably.