Laurence Tuck

I am a fun loving, generous individual with TONS of patience! In fact, its something I hear more often than not.

As a strategic and logistic executive, my role is to ensure delivery across platforms in a consistent and holistic manner. With an amazing team of highly skilled digital strategists, copy writers and engineers, we have developed amazing products that make sense to our clients.

I always try to put things in terms that are easily understood and remove the unnecessary, geeky jargon the internet has created! Having a wealth of advanced information technology skills and over 20 years of business experience in various industries, I am able to do this for any client to make sense of their pain points and put them into actionable tasks and results.

Forging valuable and lasting relationships with our clients is of the utmost importance to me as this is how word of our work spreads. We value and learn from all our interactions and treat our clients as we treat our own; with respect and loyalty.

The main difference between a “customer” and a “client” is that a customer may pop in once in a while, but the client visits everyday.

Want to work with a team that ‘gets you’? You have found us.

Laurence Tuck