Are we for you?

Our customers need to understand that The Web Factor’s activities are results driven and profit generating – so that they can focus on core business activities and be assured that “The Web Factor” is maximising their opportunity for commercial growth in the “virtual” world.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if you need our services

Are we for you?

Q. Are you confused about tackling this potentially profitable – but technically challenging & complex move towards a new income stream through online marketing?

A. “The Web Factor” will make you feel confident that we have the competencies to take complete control of this bewildering area and facilitate a visible, successful, measurable on-line presence for you

Q. Are you worried that you are getting left behind and that whatever you learn seems to change again every few months?

A. “The Web Factor” offerings are adaptable, fluid and flexible.  We don’t teach you how to implement your online marketing strategy, we adjust, adapt, measure and change your focus in line with new developments

Q. Are you worried about allocating a large budget to an online marketing campaign in case it doesn’t bring results?

A. Digital is the most recognised, most successful way to build your brand worldwide. “The Web Factor” will use the same methods, techniques and tools (albeit downscaled versions) that large companies use with million dollar budgets. You will see results within the first month.

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