Our Motivations

We are all experts in our field and collaborate together as a team to give you an award winning mix of results. We are therefore not limited by Geographical boundaries and can put together the best brains out there to help your business grow online.

We are “The Factors” that pull together the various “Web Factors” (components) of a successful on-line marketing programme.

The Web Factor Solution

In today’s rapidly changing online environment, there is a real need and demand for our services. Our clients need us to put together the various “web factors” or components of a successful online marketing programme because:

  • We feel that despite the saturation of material and training courses on self build websites and promoting your online presence, we see continued frustrations amongst business owners not maximising their online opportunities
  • Our customers are either not utilising the channels that are now available to them – to market their own products of services – or they are not utilising them correctly
  • We believe this is because they:
    • Are intimidated by the complexity of the challenge
    • Have little or no experience or competence in this area
    • Have very real resource limitations – predominantly medium size businesses are resource “poor”

OUR customers need to understand that The Web Factor’s activities are results driven and profit generating – so that they can focus on core business activities and be assured that “The Web Factor” is maximising their opportunity for commercial growth in the “virtual” world.

Did you know: “…more people these days own a mobile device than a toothbrush”- Source: Mobile Marketing Association