You Can Now Use Google Maps’ Street View to Travel Back in Time.

Whether you want to view early iterations of your childhood home or experience New York City’s Times Square as it was when you visited in the 2010s, the function can be used to see street-level views from over a decade ago.

To access the feature, use the following steps.

  1. Open Google Maps and type in the address you’re interested in viewing—it can be as simple as the location of your childhood home or something as exciting as the Trevi Fountain in Italy.
  2. Once you’ve entered the address of your chosen destination, Google will populate a road map of the area.
  3. In the lower right hand corner, click on the person icon and move it onto the map to access the latest street-level photo of the area.
  4. Now, you’re ready to time travel. Once you’ve accessed the interactive street view of your location, look in the upper left hand corner of the screen and you’ll see a small clock symbol next to a date.
  5. Click on the clock and a slide-bar will appear with available years listed. Move the bar forward and backward to see photos of that specific destination throughout the years.

If you’ve chosen a location that doesn’t have the time function, it’s possible Google doesn’t have older images available in its archive.