Have you ever left your wallet at home and panicked?

Now you can use SnapScan and pay for your groceries in a snap and without the fuss of handling cash, cards, or EFTs.

SnapScan is an app that lets you pay with your phone quickly, easily, and safely. Your SnapScan app uses your phone’s camera to scan a SnapCode (a unique QR code). Stores have their own SnapCodes, and scanning these codes allows you to pay them. SnapScan is free to use and works with any South African bank, and most international credit cards. 

As a business you can also register to receive payments with SnapScan. SnapScan allows you to add it to a variety of point of sale, ecommerce, and invoicing systems for simple payments.

CLICK BELOW to download SnapScan to make payments or to register your business to receive payments.