Instagram has become very popular for businesses to promote their services and products, boost their brand and increase sales.

We had a look at some prominent South African companies to find instagram account inspiration, for you to gather ideas on how to best promote your own business’s brand.

KFC South Africa

KFC South Africa is one of the top performing companies on social media. It utilises it’s Instagram account to not only promote specials, but also keep their followers up to date of their community projects and product highlights. They rely heavily on video content and use their brand’s red colour often, to highlight their posts. They focus more on the people enjoying their products rather than splashing out images of  food.

Woolworths South Africa

Woolworths uses Instagram to showcase their current special offers, clothing ranges and food products. They don’t have a consistent theme, but they draw inspiration from the changing seasons to highlight “what’s hot” and trending at the time. As in their print advertising, they make use of high quality styled photos of their food to get your taste buds going. It’s all about temptation!

Krispy Kreme South Africa

Krispy Kreme recently opened up their 17th branch in Cape Town. If you are on a diet…steer clear, just looking at these calorific creations will make you gain a few extra kilos! They focus on their seasonal donut flavours, new stores opening and celebration of national holidays. They have turned their donuts into cute caricatures to add a humorous spin to their advertising campaign. Where most brands will not use their logos on Instagram posts, they have opted to include it in most of their banners to enhance brand awareness.

Spur Steak Ranches

Spur is proudly South African and they celebrate this on Instagram! They do highlight their food and specials, but focus more on South Africans enjoying their offerings. They also make use of what makes us proud as South Africans such as sporting events.

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

The V&A Waterfront is one of the top tourist attractions in Cape Town. They make use of their general feed to highlight the different offerings at the Waterfront, events and their community projects. They have made clever use of Instagram stories for flash notices of current day to day happenings. 

Let these South African companies give you lots of instagram account inspiration to use on your own page. Remember that each business is unique and what might work for one, might not necessarily work for another. The road to social media success heavily relies on carefully planned strategies and consistency to best showcase your business’s ethos.

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