Are you having difficulty reaching your intended target audience on Instagram?

Here are a few tips to get the best out of Instagram for your business.


1. Communicate clearly

When setting up your profile make sure you have:

  • A great profile image
  • Your Instagram handle instantly says what you do
  • Write a good bio
  • Include your website URL

2. Consistent overall look and theme

Instagram is a very visual platform, so make sure your feed looks good! Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • If you are using a filter, use the same filter for all your images
  • Maintain the same style of photography & design
  • Keep the branding the same as on your website – use the same colours, fonts and image style used

3. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags help people navigate through millions of posts to find what’s relevant or of interest to them.

  • Do some research. Take a look at Instagram accounts that are similar to yours and take a closer look at the hashtags they use. Make a list of these to use in your posts
  • Don’t go overboard. It is recommended that you use +-10 hashtags per post
  • Have a list of hashtags you use in every post that are relevant to your overall business, but also include post specific hashtags.
  • Add your brand name or your own unique branded hashtag.

Social media posting schedule4. Plan plan plan

For any online marketing strategy to be successful, it is essential to have a set posting schedule. The same applies to Instagram.

Set up a rolling three-month content plan for all your social media, and allocate time to curate images, captions and hashtags.

Instagram Insights5. Track your success

If you have an Instagram Business Account you have the added bonus of Instagram Insights, which shows how effective your posts are.

Keep a close eye on this to see which posts are successful so that you can adjust your posts going forward to achieve the best reach.

Careful consideration should go into which social media platform is best for your business.  Instagram can reach a lot of people but it is not applicable for every type of business and it may bring a better return on investment re-directing budget towards other platforms that are more suitable.

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