Assisting you to build a proper digital marketing strategy is a critical element of everything we do. 

We help to build your digital marketing strategy

Why do I need a marketing strategy?

Without a proper marketing plan and no clear direction, your efforts are likely to be wasted. Our marketing strategy service starts with the building of your website and goes right through to delivering and implementing your content marketing and social media marketing campaigns and regularly measuring and analysing results.

Our marketing strategies are what sets us apart in our service offering from other companies.

After we’ve carried out an extensive audit of your entire online presence to identify your strengths and weaknesses we set about building you your very own all-encompassing online marketing strategy.

How do we write your marketing strategy?

First we help you to identify your digital marketing goals and outline the time frames in which they need to be achieved. Normally we create a 6-month strategy for you which is reviewed every quarter and revised every 6 months.

This strategy is then made up of the following FIVE components:

1. Identifying your Goals & Campaign Targets

Firstly we identify what your goals and campaign targets are. This is to determine which areas we should focus on to achieve your desired online marketing goals. Without setting up goals, you cannot measure if your campaigns have been successful.

2. Keyword Strategy, Article Targets and Content Marketing

Professionally written content containing the right keywords for your SEO is a key component for making sure you are found on search engines by your intended target market. We first take a look at the current content on your website to see what keywords you are using. Then we research which keywords specific to your business, have the highest search volumes worldwide and Nationally. Once we have built your key-word strategy, we set about editing your existing content and writing new copy and articles.

3. Posting Schedule

Once we have established what your keyword and article targets are, we put together a monthly posting schedule for blog articles and social media posts.

4. Advertising Goals

From the posting schedule, we will then identify which content will be most suitable to use for pay-per-click advertising and which online advertising channels would be best suited to achieve these goals.

5. Implementation

Once we have all the above in place, we draw up an implementation plan outlining how we will set about improving your site’s overall performance, social media reach, engagement and advertising.

This document can be used as a digital marketing action plan for your in-house online marketing manager or we can implement and manage it on your behalf.

Whichever route you take, it is key to leave your marketing in the hands of a professional to ensure that it is implemented correctly.

The NEXT STEP in the process is the measuring of results.

Flex up your online muscle

Flex up your online muscle

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