A website audit combined with an audit of your entire digital footprint is essential for determining where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

There are 2 audits that should be carried out regularly on every website and other digital channels to provide valuable insight into the visibility of your website & your online reputation within the digital world. The website audit will identify errors in your sites architecture & markup for improved positioning on search engines (Google, Bing) and we will fix your site so that it functions seamlessly.

  1. Digital SEO & Mark-up audit
  2. Digital Traffic audit

What will my audit include?

  • SEO & DIGITAL MARK-UP AUDIT– In this audit we will check your website code & structure
  • DIGITAL FOOTPRINT AUDIT – In this audit we will check your online reputation
  • REPORT – This will outline all problems and repairs required

A Website audit - vital for a successful digital footprint

For medium size sites that don’t have monthly content addition or edits, it’s fine to carry out a mark-up audit every 12 – 24 months unless you personally want checks more often. It’s advisable to work on your SEO regularly and monitor your traffic to guide your marketing decisions.

Not only do search engines (e.g. Google) respect websites that offer clear and well-structured mark-up and informative resources that are easy to find, but an audit also provides you with valuable insights into all the movement on your website.

Not only is the “visual” site important but the hidden technical aspects, determine the sites’ real success (or failure) to do its job properly.

Once your site’s audit has been completed, we then compile a recommended list of changes and edits to improve your sites’ ultimate goals. If our services are accepted, we then draw up a detailed implementation strategy to correct all broken links and fault areas to get your website humming at optimum speed like a well oiled machine.

The NEXT STEP in the process is for us to help you to write your digital marketing strategy

Flex up your online muscle

Flex up your online muscle

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