Writing and sending newsletters as part of your mailer campaign is a very important element of your online marketing strategy.

Newsletters and mailer campaignsKeeping your audience regularly informed about your products to remind them of your services is an essential activity in the world of online marketing.

Newsletters are especially powerful in a “push” marketing campaign to keep your fans up-to-date and to keep your business top-of-mind for when they might be looking for your services.

A professional newsletter campaign is carefully thought-out and properly planned, designed and checked multiple times before it is sent out.

If on the other hand your newsletters are unprofessional and lack some of the basic techniques we use to grab attention, you could risk wasting time and effort, lose credibility and get lower and lower opening rates. This can be damaging to your database and in turn be harmful to the success of your newsletter or mailer campaign.

Short, to the point and clever persuasive copy-writing are essential for a successful newsletter campaign, as is good artwork, eye-catching subjects and an effective call-to-action.

Newsletter campaigns must also be preferably built using third party software tools so that you can email large databases without getting blocked, so that you can manage unsubscribes (now a legal requirement), and that you can obtain reports on the opening and click-through rates to guide your online marketing efforts.

Let us help you to switch on your business and build a professional and successful newsletter or mailer campaign today!

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Flex up your online muscle

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