Social Media Marketing

social-media-419944_640Social Media facilitates Word of Mouth

Stop tweeting and poking to no avail. Hire a pro and get results. Broadening your online footprint using Social Media not only helps to keep your business “top-of-mind” but can also help to direct quality traffic (an audience) to your site. Here we have created some helpful Social Media Marketing Packages for to help you to decide what you need to include for your business.

Why is it popular?

Because you can reach huge audience volumes and above all, listen to what your market is saying, if done properly.

The skill behind it, is to listen and engage and get that traffic converting to inquiries which requires professional expertise and has to become part of an overall marketing campaign and fit into your strategy.

Why Social Media?

Social Media has taken on such a phenomenally important part of our lives because it allows us (as social human beings) to “socialise” with anyone across the Globe from any location with the touch of a button. Using our Global Network, we are able to interact, exchange ideas, share information, support, conduct business, create artistic media, play games and even engage in political discussion

Why Social Media for Business?

Social Media for business therefore is all about connecting people with common interests and purposes in leaderless electronic networks to share information, educate about your product, interact quickly and easily, and speak to and guide our audience [prospective customers] to eventually making a purchase. Your business becomes trusted and remains top-of-mind when the purchaser is ready to buy.

Platforms must be chosen carefully however. Facebook can reach a lot of people but it is not applicable for every type of business and it may bring a better return on investment re-directing budget towards other platforms that are more suitable.

Why use The Web Factor?

Tackling Social Media for business yourself, is like connecting people without providing clear purposes, processes and norms to guide their interactions. This will result in scattered and sporadic activity.

Think of how unsatisfying and unfruitful an unplanned, non-facilitated and uncoordinated meeting, conference or even party is.

Flex your online muscle

Flex your online muscle

By taking on our experts, we will

  • Design your social media banners for you to look professional and remain consistent with your website and other branding material
  • Build a daily essential post schedule for your business on all the major platforms that will work best for your business, brand or product and in line with our overall online marketing strategy for your business
  • Provide you with appropriate quality images for your posts that followers are most likely to enjoy and therefore share amongst their networks

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