Photos and videos are great for keeping your followers engaged on Facebook. Facebook competitions, however are a fun way to further your reach, by incentivizing people to share and engage with your Page.

The top reasons people “Like” a brand on Facebook are promotions/discounts and free giveaways respectively.

Have a look at these great advantages of running a Facebook competition and how it can benefit your brand.

Increase followers

Require contestants to like your page to be able to enter. Some might say that this could deter people from entering, but if the competition is properly aimed at your required target market, chances are good that a simple ‘like’ to your page will not lead them away.

Boost Traffic

Competitions provide an exciting event, with a limited time frame. A limited time frame and an offering of a limited number of prizes creates urgency for the end user to act quickly, ultimately creating an influx of user visitors to your page.

User-Generated Content

Photo, video and essay competitions can create valuable content for your brand. By collecting this content, you can then share it with your followers and subscribers creating very real and authentic content from people interacting and using your brand.

Voting Poll

A voting contest is not only a good way to engage your target market, but you can also get valuable insights into your users desires.

Get Email Leads

Email LeadsCompetitions will not only create a temporary audience, but if you add an opt-in for an extra entry by requesting an email address to subscribe to your newsletter, you can still use direct marketing techniques on these users, long after the excitement has passed.

Does all of this seem too daunting for you to try yourself? The Web Factor has set up and managed various social media competitions on behalf of our clients.

If you are interested in running a competition to further your reach and engagement, Contact Us to discuss the possibilities.